Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thirst For Romance

I sometimes feel like it would be a nice idea to post some photos on here and talk about them. Mainly the reason why I don't do this is because my phone has awful camera quality (5.0 mega pixels, yeah right) and my Dad usually has the SLR elsewhere!
Fortunately I have fallen back to the good old desktop computer, which has hundreds of photos on it. I love that there is a folder called 'Oh yes!', down right cheek! It's just full of beautiful men: Eric Dane, Chase Crawford, Hugh Jackman and most importantly - Partrick Dempsey. It has a few other little bits and bobs to fill up the corners too. I don't know when it was but my friend Laura put this special item in:

It's listed under, "REMEMBER HOW LOVELY THIS IS". Well Laura, I definitely won't forget thanks to you. How have I only just noticed that she has a blog? One of my best friends too.. I'm clearly such a good friend. It's all things dainty as only she could pull off.
These bags sometimes crop up in Nottingham's many vintage outlets - namely Cow seems to have them quite frequently. Just never when, a) I have the money or b) I go in. The latter is probably more crucial if I'm honest. Plus I'm more of a fan of Wild. Sorry! I am ultimately kicking myself for not buying a ring I saw in Topshop while in Newcastle. It was the last one (i.e. fate) and I ignored it royally. I'll remember for next time! There is a lot to be done/bought for Croatia next week (AHH TUESDAY!). Bikini shopping is a must for Sophie and I. Is that the gym I can hear calling?
Another thing I really had got into was making my own recipe/baking books. I am feeling my minted pea and watercress soup coming on. The flavour is something else! I love that you are able to customise them, just how you like. I like to use little pictures and cutesy cartoons.
I can't wait to "get our bake on" (haha) tomorrow. Lauren and I will be baking up a storm in the kitchen. The wonderful lady got me some edible sparkles and it would be a lie to say they didn't get me rather excited about the next time I was going to get to do some baking! So I think it's off to Sainsbury's for supplies! I am still looking for a good buttercreme 'frosting' mix, the search will go on.
Eliza Doolittle will always put you in a good mood. She's a cross between Lenka and Lily Allen if you asked me.

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