Sunday, 30 May 2010

Night Work

"A bit early in the evening for on-stage interruptions."


It's not a waste of money, prom you.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I think this just made my day.

Feathers - Falling Asleep

Also, earning money for free is finally possible. Who knew?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

C'mon Miracle

Delirious feeling - finally found a song I've been looking for for literally months now! Thank you iTunes previews and mindless clicking. The gloriously shining sun is bouncing light in all directions. There are five more exams to wade through and my father has gone on holiday to the best place in the world (opinion speaks volumes). In light of the 6 weeks teetotal it would be a shame to ruin it with, "Pass the cocktails", instead I'll settle on some granita and whack the sunnies on. I think the local fruit stall had a bit of a shock when I strolled up at five o'clock after work yesterday to buy an absurd amount of fruit. Rihanna is amazing live, really make the effort if you can to see her. I couldn't possibly put into words the atmosphere, others would simply have to find out for themselves, I think they'd understand what I meant then. Tinie Tempah was an extra surprise for the evening which really started things with a bang. Received Pull The Pin in the post and though I've heard the album plenty of times before, listening to it all in one from owning it seemed to turn all the songs into unknowns. It was really great getting to rediscover all the tracks all over again. Particular tracks to watch out for were 'Bright Red Star' and 'Daisy Lane'. I think you can see directions for the band being premeditated for their future on this album from 2007. Downloaded Feeder's 2008 album, Silent Cry, for a little listen. Mainly because the work playlist I'm putting together features the song 'Tracing Lines'. Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the album, particularly 'Heads Held High'. It's only really just occurred to me that there are so, so many songs which strive to tell us the basic, 'Everything's alright'. I don't know if this is some collaborative message song writers all wish to convey in the hopes to calm us. Maybe it's just one giant metaphor or maybe music is a form of total release from the world we live in - I'd like to see what the psychologists say about that one. They're just tapping into our basic human needs? That structure; verse, chorus, verse, chorus - repeat. Could it be so simple that that's just repetition of a message to enforce it within us? Nah, that's being over analytical. It's worth having a listen to 'As We Enter' by Nas Damian Marley- make sure it's the Tinie Tempah remix. It's literally just two minutes of your time, I'm sure it won't be a waste. Love the non-linear structure. I've gone totally English Language, nerd.

Smiling faces will be the cherry on top of the cake for a day like today.

Monday, 10 May 2010


This month has given me the answer to what this collective list all have in common; revision, sleep deprivation and teabags. They are all ridiculous (each in their own way). Revision ridiculously necessary. Sleep deprivation ridiculously hard to break. Teabags? Well it's ridiculous when they break in your bag and literally everything gets covered in tea leaves.