Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Shock Value

My greatest achievement of the week would be getting my Dad into The Pretty Wreckless. Although it has to be admitted, working a 7 hour shift with a high fever and a worrying collapsing tendency, came close. Very close.
Did I ever mention how very much I dislike packing? It is not exciting in any kind of prospect like some of my friends seem to think so. I haven't really taken a good stab at it though, the 'bare essentials' haven't even made it into the case yet. It would be a stretch to say they'd even left the drawers.
I would do anything to go and see Step Up 3D again right now. I would even (possibly) give up the chance to see Inception or the Karate Kid remake. Wah!
But instead I get to kick England's behind! Hello best place on Earth. Portuairk, here we come :)
A.k.a. the land of no signal, boating and mink.

Sunday, 15 August 2010


I'm really looking forward to the new house. I wonder whether the kitchen will be less narrow? Or if they'll be more bathroom space? Will Jazzy like it? Or even, is there actually going to be room for everything? I hope it's a new style. But not the type of thing I like - I want the parent's house to be different from what I get to eventually find to be "home". It's far away by calendar, by life it won't be.
Today would be the day that The Hills finishes too, sad faces all around. I got some pre-inspiration this morning from it, the equestrian look is really in (at least at Zara especially). Splashed out, a little more than enough. I hope I can make something of my life. Make myself proud, maybe? With results day looming it seems like that's the first step.
I've got ideas, I want to set them to a rhythm.
Thinking about it this might be my first step in the right direction, I'm moving away from the Kiss Me At the Gate sensation. Though I still wouldn't be able to do the right thing come face to face with the situation. It would be nice just to make believe for one more day. I need work to take my mind off this, thank goodness college isn't far off. I've never needed Portuairk more. Love don't really mean a thing round there.
New favourite quote: "Everybody is somebody else's secret". Thanks to The Audition. How blooming relevant.

Sweet dreams :)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Surfing The Void

Andrew Lippa, what a guy! Seeing as I have to go into full blown 'musical diploma research' mode now I decided to start with the one I knew least about: The Wild Party. Absolutely phenomenal. It's originally based on a poem with the same name by John Moncure March (which when first published in 1928 was banned due to it being, "as wild as the titular party." How nice. Of course this lead on to it being a huge success.) Unfortunately there hasn't been a big impact on the UK with this one yet really - no professional company seems to have taken it on over here as of yet. Actually, Niamh Perry (from the elusive I'd Do Anything) has supposedly done a copy of Maybe I Like It This Way for BBC Radio 2. Which happens to be the same song going into part my diploma programme for the performance practical. Ahhh! It seems so far away on the calendar but it's only just round the corner. As is AS results day. Goodness me. Back to work for me then, and Klaxons.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cast The First Stone

Charities come in all shapes and forms, the main ones I support are; Cancer Research UK (for which my friends, family and I do various fund-raisers), Amnesty International and B-eat. A more recent one I have come across is called Reach Out. If you are ever in need of a pick me up for yourself, or you're worried about another friend or family member's well being this is definitely the place to go. They aren't a charity that solely support one cause, they are specifically targeting young people and acting on getting them through the tough times they can face.
The amount of people I know who feel they cannot talk about whatever they are going through because it's not "important enough", is alarming. Whether it may seem like a big issue or not in comparison to the rest of society's "problems", to you it is real. You are important. Mental health and well being is a very real and crucial matter, don't sweep it under the mat. Though Reach Out is based in Ireland, there's never any harm about spreading a good word or work. Why not tell a friend today? It's a meaningful conversation that could unlock doors for someone out there.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Viva La Vida

Possibly didn't fully anticipate how long it was going to take to fill up this new recipe book. Though it must be said, it's rather fun getting to write all these little gems up.
Beats hiding out in the stockroom at work at any rate!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010


When we try to deny ourselves what it is we fancy at that precise moment, we are suddenly overcome with desire to go against and be devilish. Let's show this by analogy of religion. My body will be the temple, "I" will be the devoted follower and some lemon ice cream will be the act of prayer.
Now, the temple is waiting for you to arrive and pray. It's what it wants. The devoted follower is a little bit angsty about the fact that she has just got back from holiday and done waaaaay too much prayer (and coincidentally has put on about fifty prayer mats worth of tummy love). But the temple is adamant that the devoted follower must come to take part in prayer. So, because of the whole "my body is my temple" thing, the devoted follower has found temptation (by way of a bowl and spoon - with her name engraved on them) and gives in. The temple is happy. The act of prayer is finished and therefore not wasted. In spite of the initial begrudging attitude shown by the devoted follower they feel better for it.
Why? Because doing what you want for you turns out not to be such a bad thing after all. Though this rule may not always apply - do not indulge in mass acts of prayer before bikini shopping. Unless this is actual prayer to find one that fits/doesn't depress said shopper/isn't really expensive for a piece of fabric that is essentially just going to cover your behind in water. Right. More blooming prayer for the temple! Coincidentally, Croatian lemon or kiwi ice cream is fantastic.