Thursday, 24 June 2010


I want the comfort. I want the familiar. Minus the cliché.

No talk about pessimism on this subject. Please.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Entering Pale Town

A tendency to dabble in the destructive, yeah that's pretty accurate.

Even after all these years I am still continually entranced by the music of Paperplain. I have a friend who was one of her best friends. What a small world! Here's a sample of something you should listen to, you'll understand what I mean then. Fortunately her music is available on iTunes - what a relief.
It's day two of the garden trail now - yesterday wasn't as successful as hoped, but it's hard to push ice-cream sales in overcast skies and brisk winds. My friends who came to help were absolute stars, as they always are. I think today we may have some luck on our side (luck being sunshine and bird song).
Not gonna lie but I'm so sure that George Osborne was wearing lipgloss on the Andrew Marr show earlier, well what a way to modernise politics. How ironic that's it's make up, applied to hide the flaws. This definitely isn't as good as the education analogy.

Needless to say, it was one big tragedy.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Alright, so I'm avoiding a poetry book, who hasn't done that in their lifetime at some point? Babies don't count. Auden, it's not an affair with Hardy.
Clearly switching between Rosie's and Jess' theories here. Theory one; A girl's life might be just fine and dandy, no problems really if it wasn't for one person that makes your heart do some kind of flipdo pounding. Then again theory two; the human defibrillator (boy) can bring a definite smile to your face when you're in cardiac arrest or just general all-round glum. These two theories in, well, theory can not coexist. However, in practice they sync harmoniously. I have just had the practice play out for all to see (metaphorically). "Polishing a turd springs to mind" - who would have ever put those words into a conversation about sunglasses? I now know.
Is it just me or can photos really make you feel that unhappy about your present situ? Seriously feeling somewhere cool this year. Mmm let's just see about that.
Nevermind, moving on. I'm about to go into Monica mode (about my Lit exam..) because of the Garden Trail we're in this year. All proceeds to Cancer Research UK.
Monica mode entails rallying the troops, I mean helpers of course.
(I should focus on the aspects of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice..)
Monica mode means running a tight ship.
(Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner is another area where my attention should more importantly be focused on right now..)
Monica mode means I need to find a retailer to sell me 4 litre tubs of ice cream in a variety of flavours for under £30.
(Hardy reflects his wife in his poems this shows urm..)
Monica mode means I have to find a chest freezer for free.
(I'm sure Auden was talking about there being a lack of control of time for all things you want to do and that that is A-OK..)
Monica mode is going to mean front of house has smiling faces 24/7.

Oh gosh who am I kidding. If anyone is lacking focus on their AS English Literature exam it's clearly me. Still, smile for the camera everyone! At least we'll look damn pretty.

To Sheila, you make me real.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


If ever I needed more of a reason to be a complete teetotaller from now on I found it yesterday. While going out is all very fun, fabulous and made me feel as though I was finally repaying some kind of unspoken debt to the people around me for the numerous (i.e. I have lost count) occasions on which I have relied on their "assistance" (understatement of the year) - seeing it all with sober eyes is very, refreshing. By that I don't mean literally (well, maybe a little) but rather by way of realisation. Drunk people say stupid things. Yeah everyone already knew this, but for me not in the sense that when you hear these 'truths' and you're not in the same state as the other participants - well, then it's quite a shock. Definitely wasn't 'superhappy' about the outcome of the conversation last night.
In fact, by making my stealthy exit at one of the many bad, no, chaotic moments of the evening I avoided interrogation. Did LOVE the use of a rotary washing line pole as a limbo pole, then as a shield. One against five, good odds? I wouldn't bet on that one haha. Just when you thought drunks had done everything. I also have a massive black/purple bruise on my leg from being kicked by an unruly drunk screaming about biology. Class. So while I may have not had the best night in the world, I know my friends did (not that they will remember most of it), some boys are still on course to being gentlemen (restored faith in the current generation?) and my feet are some kind of new level on an endurance scale. Also my new work uniform is lovely. Unsure about the flip-flops but I plan to work out how to get out of wearing them till I've toned my legs for the summer.
As I have had a gym lapse for nearly three weeks (absolutely horrifying!!) I plan to go and work out the kinks as of today. This'll be a push.

Trying, not crying, done.