Monday, 15 April 2013

Machineries of Joy

Escape for a while.

Dusky and dull heated evening. Horizon line fading fast, but orange and blue glowings fill the sky. Hear the sounds as they merge into one, from the soft sounds of muffled conversations between newly found lovers, insects buzzing and humming and the lilt of a gentle band playing the evening into an audible delight for years-to-follow memory.

Little spot lights and flickering candles adoring the steps, corners and ceiling. You feel their loving warmth in the light they meagerly offer. More than enough to humble a sharp tongue. Red flowers, unknown to you but oh so very beautiful, adorn all over. The most fabulous epidemic the walls had ever seen. The smell of aromatics, they fill your head and the taste of citrus and good wine.

Floors worn from a day of sunshine with cloudless blue skies, little shade to offer amity. But the eve leaves them pleasant to the steps of any that tread here lightly. Barefoot, olive skin and a golden ring. The eye watches over and protects you tonight, from wayward and clumsy steps. All from a market bracelet.

Stolen flowers adorn a crown, fitted on her dainty head. Brown hair not as long as she'd like. Precious fingers and a graceful step. As she twirls, what is known as 'time' passes and the crown replaced by a single flower perched delicately behind one ear. Eyes the same, as are the rosy cheeks. Skin so smooth, a life in the Sun's graces. Crows feet and dimples, only serve as a reminder of what a life it's been so far.

Smile worn in, not so freely given as before. But she is still so happy. Picture moments only perfect in memory form - not missing anything by looking behind the lens of the camera. The night is so still. So peaceful, nostalgic, ending. Yet, so amazingly alive. And she wants nights like this forever.