Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Hundred Million Suns

I am my cat's playground. There to be messed, dragged and statuesque.
Loved? In her eyes, I hope. The 'unrequited' would come with a definite lack of humour by now.
I won't say I don't want it. I have my methods, though they may not be seen as pc out of their manufacturer. It's true there's method in this madness. It's still yet to be decided whether I agree too. Any other institution would have filed under 'insanity'. Instead of seeing, I go with knowing. But this is my industry. I know the whirs and chimes. When it's said that, "Old habits die hard." Isn't that just an excuse for, "My habit never left me"? Which means we're never going to get past stage one; denial. Fortunately, I never forget that. If you can't help my hand, I'll hold someone else's tighter.
At least as a play toy I know I am loved. I'm all of a daze.

Lay your body down.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sleeping With Ghosts

Sophie Dahl doesn't need Granddaddy to prove she's a good writer.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Thirst For Romance

I sometimes feel like it would be a nice idea to post some photos on here and talk about them. Mainly the reason why I don't do this is because my phone has awful camera quality (5.0 mega pixels, yeah right) and my Dad usually has the SLR elsewhere!
Fortunately I have fallen back to the good old desktop computer, which has hundreds of photos on it. I love that there is a folder called 'Oh yes!', down right cheek! It's just full of beautiful men: Eric Dane, Chase Crawford, Hugh Jackman and most importantly - Partrick Dempsey. It has a few other little bits and bobs to fill up the corners too. I don't know when it was but my friend Laura put this special item in:

It's listed under, "REMEMBER HOW LOVELY THIS IS". Well Laura, I definitely won't forget thanks to you. How have I only just noticed that she has a blog? One of my best friends too.. I'm clearly such a good friend. It's all things dainty as only she could pull off.
These bags sometimes crop up in Nottingham's many vintage outlets - namely Cow seems to have them quite frequently. Just never when, a) I have the money or b) I go in. The latter is probably more crucial if I'm honest. Plus I'm more of a fan of Wild. Sorry! I am ultimately kicking myself for not buying a ring I saw in Topshop while in Newcastle. It was the last one (i.e. fate) and I ignored it royally. I'll remember for next time! There is a lot to be done/bought for Croatia next week (AHH TUESDAY!). Bikini shopping is a must for Sophie and I. Is that the gym I can hear calling?
Another thing I really had got into was making my own recipe/baking books. I am feeling my minted pea and watercress soup coming on. The flavour is something else! I love that you are able to customise them, just how you like. I like to use little pictures and cutesy cartoons.
I can't wait to "get our bake on" (haha) tomorrow. Lauren and I will be baking up a storm in the kitchen. The wonderful lady got me some edible sparkles and it would be a lie to say they didn't get me rather excited about the next time I was going to get to do some baking! So I think it's off to Sainsbury's for supplies! I am still looking for a good buttercreme 'frosting' mix, the search will go on.
Eliza Doolittle will always put you in a good mood. She's a cross between Lenka and Lily Allen if you asked me.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Now More Than Ever

Deep in my heart I'm concealing,
Things that I'm longing to say,
Scared to confess - what I'm feeling.
Frightened you'll slip away,
You must love me.

Musicals are just everyday situations, with all the characters' conscience on display for all to see. The emotional involvement you have to put in is exhausting. You are being real. Somewhere, that character, that person, is real. They exist and you become them for those few minutes. You embody. Become. You feel. You commit. The lyrics are their life stories and the moral you have to convey. It's freedom writers, without the rap poetry. That final performance, is key. Just to let you know, he doesn't love me.

The singing lessons weren't just for grades or diplomas, they're for life.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Place We Ran From

What a lovely day yesterday was. BBQ, wonderful people, footie fans and even sumo wrestling. Oh, and the fairy grotto was my favourite bit. It was just our luck for the wind to drop, just as we came to light the hundreds of candles. Electric fairy lights in trees are definitely the way forward! I think my Dad's shaky hand when using the camera kind of adds to capturing the magic (trying to at least)! A few more days like that and we'll be set for life. It will be last summer all over again!
We've been eaten out of house and home - that never happens. Everyone came pretty much, which is pretty amazing, they'd take the time out of their day to come. For that I really hope that they all had a good time.
This program isn't good, it just proves I need to marry a rich man. The houses are rather beautiful though. Thanks MTV, you're giving me ideas! Now I really want to go skiing. No, Croatia next week. Then, plan next holiday.
It was really lovely to get to go to my Daddy's students Combined Honours Graduation ceremony. One day we'll be wearing those robes, hehe.
Wow, it's been the best birthday week I've ever had. No tears! Thank you letters that don't quite make sense.. Smiles all around. Gym time required definitely, I have seen the photos.

I've seriously lost all painting skills now, even doing nail polish is demanding extreme concentration!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The Reminder

Beautiful Pandora, I think it's the best present I've ever received :)
Charms include a beautiful little teacup and saucer, pink and white stripe glass charm, shopping bag with gold bow and a petite suitcase with Paris and palm trees inscribed on it!
The most meaningful gift I ever received was when I turned fifteen. I remember that everyone made a card, simple, A3 and plain (until they'd set paint to it!), how it dried in time is a miracle! Anyway, then everyone signed it. Everyone I knew at school. I can remember thinking, 'Wow, how darn lucky are you Mhairi', minus the 'darn' maybe.
Anyway, what a lovely day of reading and housework. The real surprise and laughter came later, of course. What's the phrase? "All good things come to those who wait"? People may call me cynical but today that one, hopefully, is accurate. I think today I'm allowed to feel like I did manage to change and be the person I wanted to be. Where did the year go?
It was delightful to hear how happy my Daddy was on the phone. Who knew catching cod was the answer to all the weekly woes.
Well Daddy dear, you're still number one :)

Monday, 5 July 2010

Mind Chaos

Having recently read some rather graphic novels, of which a Gothic theme runs intermittently, I can't help but have some particular lyric spring to mind; 'He'd dance to your beat, and steal your heart, and smile with those teeth and tear you apart.'
Seemingly milking the last of this personal year. Candles on a cake that I don't have to make should be your pragmatic.
What is to come first? A hair cut at 9am that's for sure. Is it rather lacking that I plan to spend most of my day in the library tomorrow? Indeed, I would, hasten to disagree.
Instead I turn to untitled no. 9 to fill the minutes and choose to copy the words of Dr Seuss (my favourite quote, thus far).

How did it get so late so soon?
Its night before its afternoon.
December is here before its June.
My goodness how the time has flown. How did it get so late so soon?

Eight minutes to go, the excitement at last!
Greg Laswell to play me Not Out, one time.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fang Island

Talk about beautiful architecture and barmy walks by the beach. The sunshine made yesterday radiant, the lack of food gave it an addled wooziness. Though in the mind of this punch-drunk approach a straight lined walk would've been hard to comprehend and partake in theory, the reality did differ. I will always be open to Moroccan soup, should it be on the menu.
Interestingly, this weekend has made me feel like I did make a few right decisions. I always know that I'm incredibly lucky - no amount of charity work can show this gratitude. If not for college, it would be hard to argue that I would've met the wonderful people that I have now, having gone elsewhere. It simply doesn't seem comprehensible to think that I wouldn't have met them now. I would quite happily stay here longer with Lauren, always. This city has got adventure on the agenda. Maybe, we'd have a little more sleep, if time would allow it. Without any further elaboration, I can't avoid the Deep.
My Dad's flat has lovely photographs dotted around the place, shame they are wonky. A traveller's reminder of home. Did you know that another word for crooked is catawampus? Haha, language never ceases to amaze me. It may be a burning passion for Literature or just a mini mission of my own that I will, at the right time, remember to use this word in a conversation (and not for it's definition)
Was it really a year ago since prom? I may get my dress out for nostalgia.