Friday, 30 April 2010

Finding Forever

The Body Poets - Lights (Ellie Goulding Dream Dubstep Remix)

Just the way I like my mornings; fruit and fibre with a splash of dubstep.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ever So Shy

It's not the weirdest week of my life but it's definitely a waste.
At least if I fail college I can fall back on dying hair for a living, it's one option anyway.
Election campaigns seem to bring out the worst, though surely it's a reminder that we're only human. We strive for perfection yet the tiniest mistake will make us tumble. Crumble under a back breaking photoshop and typewrite all in one single place. It's own codified media of constituion - only 90p!
I failed my reactionary spot. Not all outcomes go as you planned quite clearly. I've learnt a lesson. But the motivation to keep on throwing the punches must come in a variety of factors, mainly the prize of power. Which ironically comes at the cost of your own power. Break your own rules and you'll gain power. Determination can come from the promise of power. Respect can come from the prosper of power. Fear can come from abuse of power. Love can come from admiration of power. Power can come from the outlook of responsibility.
Let's wait till the end of the week, we'll be older and therefore wiser. Our final decisions can be made all in good time then for that matter. Until time catches up with us lie with me, count the stars, feel. Maybe even smile once in a while.
Let's wonder the things that really matter. Is tomorrow still too soon to talk to you like before? Nevermind that now, the World will always go on turning.

Isn't that what the wisemen once said?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I've got a terrible habit of falling in love with the bus driver.
I'll never remember to refill the kettle, they'll be a fresh cup though.
I'd love to go to see the Northern lights, if Iceland is too far the Shetland Islands are fine with me.
Everytime I see a candle I could sit and watch it like it was the first time, over and over.
Always, 'keep calm and carry on'.
Oh lover, I'll cover you.

Slightly irritating to find that the book I've just finished, "The Wonder Spot" was really good. Though you didn't here it from me. It's the pettiest reason to try and not like something. I can't help but maybe come to the conclusion that she's actually like that in real life too. Again, you didn't here that from me.
There are places, that I like to call, 'reactionary spots'. It's honestly not as ominous as it first appears. They are just places that might have some indefinite meaning because of what happened there/was always there - y'know something from the past. I think everyone has these. Maybe even more than one. Don't get greedy, these are 'perfects'. The one I hold dear is whenever I go on the bus, so much so it influences which side I sit on whether I'm out or inward bound. Yes slightly pathetic, but it's a weak spot I'm not going to deny it. I think oh, I'll smile next time I pass. Oh, I'll hold a hand up as a wave. Oh, I'll look away, avoid those eyes. Oh, I'll shed one small insignificant tear. These spots are meant to test us, surprise! The moment you are waiting for is there, how do you finally react? Here it comes, go. I can't help but feel a weird clash of 'Here It Comes' (Doves) and No Surprises (Radiohead, obviously). On that final note, get me out of here. I could do with some peace. The gym will have to do.
No alarms and no surprises. Please.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wreck of the Day

"Running wild among all the stars above."

I have a new nickname, 'Grey'. It's most fitting. Or 'Hooch'. Less fitting, funnier. Bit of an adventure over the past few days actually, hmm. Scarborough had mixed emotions, sunshine was lovely, all the wind and the cold less welcome really. Inez and I, dubbed 'Wellie Girls'.
Lovely emotional reunion with my college best, Mercedes today. Woo! Lots of tales to be had and laughter to spill while the reproachful eyes of the library's staff watched. The library should clearly just remain a place of quiet study in their eyes, even when you don't sit in the silent study area.
Do you ever wake up with a feeling?
Getting up on the wrong side of bed is apparently bad luck; getting up out of the side of the bed that you didn't get in at will quite clearly set your day up to fail. Keeping superstitions isn't everything. After all, are you offending the 'Gods' if you don't believe in them? That's a fine example of irony. Superstitions are neither here nor there of course, in my eyes they are just a convention of 21st Century life, even if they might seem a little outdated. Can a four-leaf clover really bring you luck? Materialistic. Is our fate written in the stars? Wishful thinking. At the end of the rainbow, is there a pot of gold? Mission impossible. Whatever we believe, what can happen, where we're going. Sounds a bit messy.

Dark and twisty. I just like to dream.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Emotions. They make or break. I pick those words to describe as they aren't technically a form of emotion through adjective or adverb on their own. They can make our day, everything can seem better. Even mediocre tasks seem full of promise like washing the dishes, 'oh well that means I won't have to do it later!'. It seems damned that as we get older, wiser one might suggest, we lose the ability to remain carefree. We become damaged properties. "Dark and twisty". We can't choose what is going to happen, and that's probably a good job too, those with god complex can seem a little tiresome and straining. Not everyone is portrayed like that obviously, we make our own choices how we are going to live through whatever is thrown at us. There are the few strains who strive to show a buoyancy of pleasantries. This civility is surely pleasant. Your secret pain, who will know? Life just is. One day we can feel like throwing in the towel and other days we think, 'How on earth could I have ever wanted to do that?'
The main root is surely just the unknown. Because let's face it, it's the centre of anything, even the positives. An example is 'futures', as no one can predict it, we're left either with positive or negative or neutral. Those who say they can predict it rely on chance or experience, not the actual truth. Let's keep our glasses half full and heads not quite screwed on. Let us be cavalier. Dance with the stars and sleep in the sun. Retain smiles and composure with our company. Keep a guard with a soft spot for strangers to the gates of our heart. Roll with it. Why, ignorance is surely bliss.

We're all foolish. Fools in love. My heart is so tired of this foolery.