Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Too Long In This Condition

I see to have been nominated for an award, by the fabulous Mich. Thank you! Go read her blog, seriously. It makes me giggle on my worst days, and even more on the best. I'm not entirely sure what the award is called..
If you've only just started reading this blog, this post may seem a little out of the blue. I'm more than imagery, secrets and sadness, surprise (even to me)! 

The rules:
- when you are nominated, thank the person/people who nominated you in your next post. Include a link to their blog.
- in that post include 11 things about yourself.
- answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
- choose 11 bloggers to nominate.
- create 11 questions for them to answer.
- let them know you nominated them.
11 things about myself?
 1.  I am one of those people that not only sings in the shower but takes their vibrato wherever they go. My flatmate knew I was home earlier because I was humming down the corridor. Completely unaware, of course. Now I'm sure most people do this, at least I kind of hope so. Although my flavour of every month is musical theatre, really you could find yourself falling upon any tune. Then when it's just me in the house, I sing and sing and sing until I realise I'm crying or laughing and happy (or hoarse..). 
2. I study Geography and no that doesn't necessarily mean I know where everything is on a map. Or that I know the name of every river or tiny village in the far reaches of the globe. Though I am very good at colouring in, staying within the lines and everything, excellent.
3. I've just had my first Christmas that I fully remember and wholly enjoyed. Thank you, special someone. I'm so very much in love. 
4. Still haven't got that tattoo I was on about getting forever ago. I'm hoping that I'll know when it's right. That there will be some kind of sign.
5. I'm always cheating with the wind, I love its feel. The way he can take you places and provoke thought. The smells he tempts with and the loads he carries. Some blame his brothers in the terrible distasters caused but really they were here first. Weather will always have my attention.
6. Books had nearly fallen out of my life. By that I mean good, interesting, enticing, absorbing and spell binding stories. The kind you fall in love with and then are regretful and sad when they end. The ones where you feel for the lives of the characters, so much so you cry and rejoice with them in time to their chronology. I am so grateful to my boyfriend for ensuring that I continually have something new to read when I'm not working. I just finished Fight Club and now I'm devouring The Five People You Meet In Heaven. 
7. I'm really freaking small. Guarantee I've heard most of the small jokes that are out there. If you are creative, try me for size (no pun intended). I'm not a midget but I am juuust under 5ft. Apparently I could be posted. I get called fairy or pixie sometimes. A few years ago my hairdresser told me that her daughter who is around six years older than me, was the same height as me and then suddenly she grew, practically overnight, and is now nearly 6ft. Now, I don't want to be that tall, nor am I entirely convinced on the entire honesty in that story but a few inches might be nice. Pwease?  
8. 2012 was a very odd year. I am glad to see the back of it for many reasons, but there are far more that will make me miss it dearly. I can really say for the first time, almost ever, I'm really excited for what's to come. I've had many first times of new things and some old that should have already perhaps passed, yet I know there's so, so many more to follow. 
(That doesn't include this January because I have exams and deadlines and it's so stressful that I keep shutting down and once again my sleeping pattern is messy so I have a constant headache from that. Anxiety prison.)
9. I completely adore lemon, cinnamon and mint. That's cut down from a very long list, but I'm pretty sure these three are my top favourites. I seem to add them to whatever I can when cooking or baking. 
10. I once laughed out loud in my sleep and I've spent months trying to remember the dream that caused it so I can tell someone about it. There's a few dreams I'm clinging onto. I'd love to tell you, but like a secret I'm not only worried that they won't come true if I let the words leave my lips, I'd also be concerned that they'd have left my mind too. Gone so I couldn't even remember their fragments. I get so anxious about this that I won't even write them down in my thoughts log (I can't call it a dairy because it's not just mine alone). 
11. I'm a glittery person. In a very literal sense. Any place I go to, person I see, they'll be glitter-ed. I don't know what it is, it's just everywhere. Maybe it's because I'm believing whole heartedly that we're golden, really. Stars glittering everywhere. I love all this colour.

Mich's questions:
1. Who's your favourite Batman villain?
Oh man this is hard. I have to go for the Joker though. The chaos, alone. I don't really know how to do it any kind of justice with words. But it's powerful stuff. 
2. Who is the rightful ruler of Westeros?
This is a very exciting question as I've now played the Game of Thrones board game (annnd intend to more) and love the series (hadn't had a chance to read the books yet!). Now if we're being picky then it's Stannis Baratheon, he's the rightful king.
I do love the Starks, I was referred to as Lady Stark throughout the game. Most pleasing. Although the Greyjoys should be in with a chance too, just because I think that they're pretty cool. 
3. You're stuck in the booby-trapped home of the bad guy from The Collector, and locked in a room with your neighbour's annoying and kind of vicious dog, a bully from your grade school years, and a relative you really can't stand. You happen to stumble upon a way of escape, but there's only time to grab one of the others in the room to save them before the booby-trapped room kills the other two. Who do you save?
Well I hadn't actually heard of this so I just looked it up and it reaaaally sounds like something I would not ever, ever, ever watch. However, I'd want everyone to get out. Regardless of what they'd done. Most likely shout out as loud as I could. I have no idea how the dog came in with us but he sounds like a bit of a liability if they're vicious. Saying that though I do love animals a whole lot. Oh dear I don't know at all. I'm going to be up all night with this. 
4. You're having a grand ol' time at a party when suddenly the zombie apocalypse strikes. Luckily, everyone at the party has awesome survival skills, and most of them brought food, water, weapons, and camping gear with them in their cars. If you leave with them now, you WILL survive the zombies and get to a safe place somewhere in the wilderness.
your family is still in your house, over an hour from where you are now, and much closer to the city (which is obviously filled with many more zombies than the suburbs or the country, where you are). And you have the family's only working vehicle.
What do you do? Stay with the other survivors, or risk everything to go back for your loved ones who may, in all likelihood, be overrun by zombies already?
(How do you come up with these Mich, aha they're so good!)
I have seen one episode of Walking Dead and couldn't physically be left alone for the entire next 24 hours. My coping in the even of a zombie apocalypse would most likely be very weak. I wouldn't be able to do anything alone. I'd try calling if possible. Tell them to get out of there. I definitely wouldn't make matters any better if I went on my own though, probably worse knowing my luck. 
5. What's your favourite bird?
Eagles. Close contender with robins though! They make me feel very festive. I also love owls (I have a little obsessed of making folded owls and scenting with lavendar). And song birds... Not such an easy choice then.
Promise that I took this photo myself too :) Family of 4 flying over our boat when I went to the West Highlands with my Dad a few years ago. They are very beautiful and majestic to watch when they soar overhead.  
6. Do you believe that dragons and unicorns once existed, sometime long, long ago?
Dragons definitely. Unicorns are a bit sketchy for my liking, most of the time.  
7. Have you ever thought about robbing a bank? How would you do it?
Nope, the guilt would be far too crippling for me. Definitely wouldn't make a very good accomplice in a heist. I wouldn't even be any use as a getaway driver. Far too distractable for a look out. Oh dear.
8. Yay, you found a genie!
Make three wishes.
 (i)  make my essay and exams go away (selfish I know)
(ii)  anyone that's having a bad day, something wonderfully unexpected to happen so they can smile today
(iii) that I could see Sam sooner rather than much later.
9. Do you have any strange phobias?
I don't think I have any strange ones, not ones that are springing to mind anyway. When I was much younger I used to have a phobia of going down. The action of it, so walking down a hill or going on a down escalator. Which led to me taking the stairs whenever possible. Luckily it doesn't affect me anymore. 
It's not really a phobia, more of a recurring nightmarish thought but I constantly feel like I'm going to trip over or fall and just die or something. I see it play out all the time. Fairly haunting.
10. Under pain of torture and death, you must choose between spending twenty-four hours in a bathtub full of wolf spiders, or marrying into Honey Boo Boo's family and spending the rest of your life under house arrest in their home. What do you pick?
I have to pick the family. Given the chance, I could inspire some change and if not they can throw me out and that'll be the last of it.
11. It's nighttime and you're leaving the mall to hurry to your car, which is parked in a dark and empty corner of a sketchy parking garage. A nerdy-looking man nearby is trying to load some heavy shopping bags into the trunk of his car, but he's having a very hard time of it because he has a big cast on one arm. He ends up dropping half of his stuff all over the ground.
Do you stop and help him?
If I was having a good day I would absolutely stop to help him. However, if I were having a bad day, which is a lot of the time, I'd really want to but would struggle. I got lost at a train station the other week and had to really dig deep to ask the attendant where the platform was. I was really freaking out after and nearly missed my train. I just shouldn't be allowed out on my own.


If you've made it all the way to here I salute you. I hope this was a somewhat fun read for you. I know I don't really post stuff like this often. Or post much at all for that matter. Just few, far and inbetween. 
I nominate any follower of mine that wants the chance to do this. You are all worthy of an award. But there's a haze of a headache coming on so if you want questions email me or something and I'll try and work some out. 

Love always.
M x