Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pedestrian Verse

Anew and left not knowing what to say. It's not as if words fail, because even in that they succeed, gloating and smutty. Triumphant over what the mind refers to as speechless. But it has been so long and if things could stop for more than one or two infinite moments then that might be enough. Until a hand is held with the warmth of another it does not mean it cannot be strong alone. In spite of this though, sometimes there is a great loss in all that surrounds, encompasses and permeates. And there are a few capitalised words in that sentence, not for dramatic effect but more as a means of emphasis (cynics even see that).There's just a lot of starting and stopping. Metaphorical life, escape ending.

Unaware of the colour secrets that escape the world. You should be so lucky, and is that so. Agree and sign where exactly? Uncomfortable surprise. Digesting and still considering. All we're ever doing. Thought machines on legs to move and with arms to labour. Simplified and unrealistic so we turn to the senses to offer an insight into something so wonderfully new. Deny experience, comparable to lack of rights. Dignity retained, lie back and see the energies converging. Enlightenment prescribed by nature.

Open minds are intrinsically linked to the heart. Cultivated knowledge is hidden and must be sought in the most obvious of places. Right in front of our eyes, but found too even when they are shut. Darkness is never really black, unless you think of it that.

Night vision, parallel to you. Let go, feel and see you as a dream maker, conversation literally unrivalled. Unnatural but so familiar. Clink, mechanism turning and end. Soul enter, see good and take refuge. Feed me. Don't let this be ordinary. That's right. Not all is down, awake! You make me want to be so extraordinary, for us.

Fantastical things, but I'm just human too. The excuse in failing forever.

See lanterns, see bannermen, see fire, sea and earth. March the hill, to the next road and not to doom. Time a lost concept, eventually. You will return home safe again. Even if that place is just in your head. Keep a lid on it. That mundane room and the way the ceiling finally disappeared. Temporarily. Replaced by a void so vast, it cannot be measured. A space so colourful it appears different each time you blink. Every spot a new star. Every star a new story. Too much to consider for one life time. So quickquickquick read like the light and don't miss a thing. Something that takes personal years to consider, written in seconds. And they say words are so important when they can be so inconsiderate. Ceiling returns but this magick is no secret now.   

Most importantly what I've learnt so far: Laugh where-in Joy.