Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Usual Tragedy

Quick, quick away with you,
Gone in a flash - 
A Moment overdue.

This learning game; a cruel one, because when and how do we decide that we have moved from the right fight to the never ending punishment? A sincere commitment, a brutal endurance.

The circus there one moment, yet gone the next. Just like your head on the pillow.

When will the joy in my heart not bear you? Wise was it to learn that joy is not held in arms. It is contained in a far greater existence. The something more.

Though I should be certain, you'd never left me. Surely?

Time gives me the strength to perhaps reconsider this, and to equally quash it. Our own figure eight. Only, with you gone in that somewhere more, I am left to paint it with fingers in sand of one size. My size only.

Figuring it out. I see stars and ache knowing you are someone looking at them too.