Thursday, 15 April 2010

Wreck of the Day

"Running wild among all the stars above."

I have a new nickname, 'Grey'. It's most fitting. Or 'Hooch'. Less fitting, funnier. Bit of an adventure over the past few days actually, hmm. Scarborough had mixed emotions, sunshine was lovely, all the wind and the cold less welcome really. Inez and I, dubbed 'Wellie Girls'.
Lovely emotional reunion with my college best, Mercedes today. Woo! Lots of tales to be had and laughter to spill while the reproachful eyes of the library's staff watched. The library should clearly just remain a place of quiet study in their eyes, even when you don't sit in the silent study area.
Do you ever wake up with a feeling?
Getting up on the wrong side of bed is apparently bad luck; getting up out of the side of the bed that you didn't get in at will quite clearly set your day up to fail. Keeping superstitions isn't everything. After all, are you offending the 'Gods' if you don't believe in them? That's a fine example of irony. Superstitions are neither here nor there of course, in my eyes they are just a convention of 21st Century life, even if they might seem a little outdated. Can a four-leaf clover really bring you luck? Materialistic. Is our fate written in the stars? Wishful thinking. At the end of the rainbow, is there a pot of gold? Mission impossible. Whatever we believe, what can happen, where we're going. Sounds a bit messy.

Dark and twisty. I just like to dream.

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