Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ever So Shy

It's not the weirdest week of my life but it's definitely a waste.
At least if I fail college I can fall back on dying hair for a living, it's one option anyway.
Election campaigns seem to bring out the worst, though surely it's a reminder that we're only human. We strive for perfection yet the tiniest mistake will make us tumble. Crumble under a back breaking photoshop and typewrite all in one single place. It's own codified media of constituion - only 90p!
I failed my reactionary spot. Not all outcomes go as you planned quite clearly. I've learnt a lesson. But the motivation to keep on throwing the punches must come in a variety of factors, mainly the prize of power. Which ironically comes at the cost of your own power. Break your own rules and you'll gain power. Determination can come from the promise of power. Respect can come from the prosper of power. Fear can come from abuse of power. Love can come from admiration of power. Power can come from the outlook of responsibility.
Let's wait till the end of the week, we'll be older and therefore wiser. Our final decisions can be made all in good time then for that matter. Until time catches up with us lie with me, count the stars, feel. Maybe even smile once in a while.
Let's wonder the things that really matter. Is tomorrow still too soon to talk to you like before? Nevermind that now, the World will always go on turning.

Isn't that what the wisemen once said?

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