Saturday, 3 April 2010


Emotions. They make or break. I pick those words to describe as they aren't technically a form of emotion through adjective or adverb on their own. They can make our day, everything can seem better. Even mediocre tasks seem full of promise like washing the dishes, 'oh well that means I won't have to do it later!'. It seems damned that as we get older, wiser one might suggest, we lose the ability to remain carefree. We become damaged properties. "Dark and twisty". We can't choose what is going to happen, and that's probably a good job too, those with god complex can seem a little tiresome and straining. Not everyone is portrayed like that obviously, we make our own choices how we are going to live through whatever is thrown at us. There are the few strains who strive to show a buoyancy of pleasantries. This civility is surely pleasant. Your secret pain, who will know? Life just is. One day we can feel like throwing in the towel and other days we think, 'How on earth could I have ever wanted to do that?'
The main root is surely just the unknown. Because let's face it, it's the centre of anything, even the positives. An example is 'futures', as no one can predict it, we're left either with positive or negative or neutral. Those who say they can predict it rely on chance or experience, not the actual truth. Let's keep our glasses half full and heads not quite screwed on. Let us be cavalier. Dance with the stars and sleep in the sun. Retain smiles and composure with our company. Keep a guard with a soft spot for strangers to the gates of our heart. Roll with it. Why, ignorance is surely bliss.

We're all foolish. Fools in love. My heart is so tired of this foolery.

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