Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I've got a terrible habit of falling in love with the bus driver.
I'll never remember to refill the kettle, they'll be a fresh cup though.
I'd love to go to see the Northern lights, if Iceland is too far the Shetland Islands are fine with me.
Everytime I see a candle I could sit and watch it like it was the first time, over and over.
Always, 'keep calm and carry on'.
Oh lover, I'll cover you.

Slightly irritating to find that the book I've just finished, "The Wonder Spot" was really good. Though you didn't here it from me. It's the pettiest reason to try and not like something. I can't help but maybe come to the conclusion that she's actually like that in real life too. Again, you didn't here that from me.
There are places, that I like to call, 'reactionary spots'. It's honestly not as ominous as it first appears. They are just places that might have some indefinite meaning because of what happened there/was always there - y'know something from the past. I think everyone has these. Maybe even more than one. Don't get greedy, these are 'perfects'. The one I hold dear is whenever I go on the bus, so much so it influences which side I sit on whether I'm out or inward bound. Yes slightly pathetic, but it's a weak spot I'm not going to deny it. I think oh, I'll smile next time I pass. Oh, I'll hold a hand up as a wave. Oh, I'll look away, avoid those eyes. Oh, I'll shed one small insignificant tear. These spots are meant to test us, surprise! The moment you are waiting for is there, how do you finally react? Here it comes, go. I can't help but feel a weird clash of 'Here It Comes' (Doves) and No Surprises (Radiohead, obviously). On that final note, get me out of here. I could do with some peace. The gym will have to do.
No alarms and no surprises. Please.

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