Saturday, 3 July 2010

Fang Island

Talk about beautiful architecture and barmy walks by the beach. The sunshine made yesterday radiant, the lack of food gave it an addled wooziness. Though in the mind of this punch-drunk approach a straight lined walk would've been hard to comprehend and partake in theory, the reality did differ. I will always be open to Moroccan soup, should it be on the menu.
Interestingly, this weekend has made me feel like I did make a few right decisions. I always know that I'm incredibly lucky - no amount of charity work can show this gratitude. If not for college, it would be hard to argue that I would've met the wonderful people that I have now, having gone elsewhere. It simply doesn't seem comprehensible to think that I wouldn't have met them now. I would quite happily stay here longer with Lauren, always. This city has got adventure on the agenda. Maybe, we'd have a little more sleep, if time would allow it. Without any further elaboration, I can't avoid the Deep.
My Dad's flat has lovely photographs dotted around the place, shame they are wonky. A traveller's reminder of home. Did you know that another word for crooked is catawampus? Haha, language never ceases to amaze me. It may be a burning passion for Literature or just a mini mission of my own that I will, at the right time, remember to use this word in a conversation (and not for it's definition)
Was it really a year ago since prom? I may get my dress out for nostalgia.

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  1. and i would quite happily read this lovely blog, always. x


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