Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Now More Than Ever

Deep in my heart I'm concealing,
Things that I'm longing to say,
Scared to confess - what I'm feeling.
Frightened you'll slip away,
You must love me.

Musicals are just everyday situations, with all the characters' conscience on display for all to see. The emotional involvement you have to put in is exhausting. You are being real. Somewhere, that character, that person, is real. They exist and you become them for those few minutes. You embody. Become. You feel. You commit. The lyrics are their life stories and the moral you have to convey. It's freedom writers, without the rap poetry. That final performance, is key. Just to let you know, he doesn't love me.

The singing lessons weren't just for grades or diplomas, they're for life.

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