Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Hundred Million Suns

I am my cat's playground. There to be messed, dragged and statuesque.
Loved? In her eyes, I hope. The 'unrequited' would come with a definite lack of humour by now.
I won't say I don't want it. I have my methods, though they may not be seen as pc out of their manufacturer. It's true there's method in this madness. It's still yet to be decided whether I agree too. Any other institution would have filed under 'insanity'. Instead of seeing, I go with knowing. But this is my industry. I know the whirs and chimes. When it's said that, "Old habits die hard." Isn't that just an excuse for, "My habit never left me"? Which means we're never going to get past stage one; denial. Fortunately, I never forget that. If you can't help my hand, I'll hold someone else's tighter.
At least as a play toy I know I am loved. I'm all of a daze.

Lay your body down.

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