Monday, 12 July 2010

The Place We Ran From

What a lovely day yesterday was. BBQ, wonderful people, footie fans and even sumo wrestling. Oh, and the fairy grotto was my favourite bit. It was just our luck for the wind to drop, just as we came to light the hundreds of candles. Electric fairy lights in trees are definitely the way forward! I think my Dad's shaky hand when using the camera kind of adds to capturing the magic (trying to at least)! A few more days like that and we'll be set for life. It will be last summer all over again!
We've been eaten out of house and home - that never happens. Everyone came pretty much, which is pretty amazing, they'd take the time out of their day to come. For that I really hope that they all had a good time.
This program isn't good, it just proves I need to marry a rich man. The houses are rather beautiful though. Thanks MTV, you're giving me ideas! Now I really want to go skiing. No, Croatia next week. Then, plan next holiday.
It was really lovely to get to go to my Daddy's students Combined Honours Graduation ceremony. One day we'll be wearing those robes, hehe.
Wow, it's been the best birthday week I've ever had. No tears! Thank you letters that don't quite make sense.. Smiles all around. Gym time required definitely, I have seen the photos.

I've seriously lost all painting skills now, even doing nail polish is demanding extreme concentration!

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