Sunday, 6 June 2010


Alright, so I'm avoiding a poetry book, who hasn't done that in their lifetime at some point? Babies don't count. Auden, it's not an affair with Hardy.
Clearly switching between Rosie's and Jess' theories here. Theory one; A girl's life might be just fine and dandy, no problems really if it wasn't for one person that makes your heart do some kind of flipdo pounding. Then again theory two; the human defibrillator (boy) can bring a definite smile to your face when you're in cardiac arrest or just general all-round glum. These two theories in, well, theory can not coexist. However, in practice they sync harmoniously. I have just had the practice play out for all to see (metaphorically). "Polishing a turd springs to mind" - who would have ever put those words into a conversation about sunglasses? I now know.
Is it just me or can photos really make you feel that unhappy about your present situ? Seriously feeling somewhere cool this year. Mmm let's just see about that.
Nevermind, moving on. I'm about to go into Monica mode (about my Lit exam..) because of the Garden Trail we're in this year. All proceeds to Cancer Research UK.
Monica mode entails rallying the troops, I mean helpers of course.
(I should focus on the aspects of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice..)
Monica mode means running a tight ship.
(Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner is another area where my attention should more importantly be focused on right now..)
Monica mode means I need to find a retailer to sell me 4 litre tubs of ice cream in a variety of flavours for under £30.
(Hardy reflects his wife in his poems this shows urm..)
Monica mode means I have to find a chest freezer for free.
(I'm sure Auden was talking about there being a lack of control of time for all things you want to do and that that is A-OK..)
Monica mode is going to mean front of house has smiling faces 24/7.

Oh gosh who am I kidding. If anyone is lacking focus on their AS English Literature exam it's clearly me. Still, smile for the camera everyone! At least we'll look damn pretty.

To Sheila, you make me real.

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