Sunday, 20 June 2010

Entering Pale Town

A tendency to dabble in the destructive, yeah that's pretty accurate.

Even after all these years I am still continually entranced by the music of Paperplain. I have a friend who was one of her best friends. What a small world! Here's a sample of something you should listen to, you'll understand what I mean then. Fortunately her music is available on iTunes - what a relief.
It's day two of the garden trail now - yesterday wasn't as successful as hoped, but it's hard to push ice-cream sales in overcast skies and brisk winds. My friends who came to help were absolute stars, as they always are. I think today we may have some luck on our side (luck being sunshine and bird song).
Not gonna lie but I'm so sure that George Osborne was wearing lipgloss on the Andrew Marr show earlier, well what a way to modernise politics. How ironic that's it's make up, applied to hide the flaws. This definitely isn't as good as the education analogy.

Needless to say, it was one big tragedy.

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