Thursday, 12 August 2010

Surfing The Void

Andrew Lippa, what a guy! Seeing as I have to go into full blown 'musical diploma research' mode now I decided to start with the one I knew least about: The Wild Party. Absolutely phenomenal. It's originally based on a poem with the same name by John Moncure March (which when first published in 1928 was banned due to it being, "as wild as the titular party." How nice. Of course this lead on to it being a huge success.) Unfortunately there hasn't been a big impact on the UK with this one yet really - no professional company seems to have taken it on over here as of yet. Actually, Niamh Perry (from the elusive I'd Do Anything) has supposedly done a copy of Maybe I Like It This Way for BBC Radio 2. Which happens to be the same song going into part my diploma programme for the performance practical. Ahhh! It seems so far away on the calendar but it's only just round the corner. As is AS results day. Goodness me. Back to work for me then, and Klaxons.

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