Sunday, 15 August 2010


I'm really looking forward to the new house. I wonder whether the kitchen will be less narrow? Or if they'll be more bathroom space? Will Jazzy like it? Or even, is there actually going to be room for everything? I hope it's a new style. But not the type of thing I like - I want the parent's house to be different from what I get to eventually find to be "home". It's far away by calendar, by life it won't be.
Today would be the day that The Hills finishes too, sad faces all around. I got some pre-inspiration this morning from it, the equestrian look is really in (at least at Zara especially). Splashed out, a little more than enough. I hope I can make something of my life. Make myself proud, maybe? With results day looming it seems like that's the first step.
I've got ideas, I want to set them to a rhythm.
Thinking about it this might be my first step in the right direction, I'm moving away from the Kiss Me At the Gate sensation. Though I still wouldn't be able to do the right thing come face to face with the situation. It would be nice just to make believe for one more day. I need work to take my mind off this, thank goodness college isn't far off. I've never needed Portuairk more. Love don't really mean a thing round there.
New favourite quote: "Everybody is somebody else's secret". Thanks to The Audition. How blooming relevant.

Sweet dreams :)

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