Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Cast The First Stone

Charities come in all shapes and forms, the main ones I support are; Cancer Research UK (for which my friends, family and I do various fund-raisers), Amnesty International and B-eat. A more recent one I have come across is called Reach Out. If you are ever in need of a pick me up for yourself, or you're worried about another friend or family member's well being this is definitely the place to go. They aren't a charity that solely support one cause, they are specifically targeting young people and acting on getting them through the tough times they can face.
The amount of people I know who feel they cannot talk about whatever they are going through because it's not "important enough", is alarming. Whether it may seem like a big issue or not in comparison to the rest of society's "problems", to you it is real. You are important. Mental health and well being is a very real and crucial matter, don't sweep it under the mat. Though Reach Out is based in Ireland, there's never any harm about spreading a good word or work. Why not tell a friend today? It's a meaningful conversation that could unlock doors for someone out there.

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