Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Shock Value

My greatest achievement of the week would be getting my Dad into The Pretty Wreckless. Although it has to be admitted, working a 7 hour shift with a high fever and a worrying collapsing tendency, came close. Very close.
Did I ever mention how very much I dislike packing? It is not exciting in any kind of prospect like some of my friends seem to think so. I haven't really taken a good stab at it though, the 'bare essentials' haven't even made it into the case yet. It would be a stretch to say they'd even left the drawers.
I would do anything to go and see Step Up 3D again right now. I would even (possibly) give up the chance to see Inception or the Karate Kid remake. Wah!
But instead I get to kick England's behind! Hello best place on Earth. Portuairk, here we come :)
A.k.a. the land of no signal, boating and mink.

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