Thursday, 30 September 2010

Carbon Glacier

So it's my cousin's birthday in what, 30 days? I have no idea what to get her yet. I'm at least three days behind on work from all subjects at college. I've got investigations to start - drafts will be shortly due! Not to mention the revision I definitely keep attempting to start but then get too dizzy to focus. I've never facebook stalked before, but it's a little exciting. Still haven't got that red lipstick yet. Maybe tomorrow. I would go to bed in prep for a full day of "cotch", I mean work in the LRC at col but my cat is being cutesy on my lap. By that I mean she looks adorable but her claws are firmly stuck into my thigh (ouch). I still have the flu, or whatever this is. This means I constantly smell of antibacterial hand sanitiser. Speaking of which I'm rewatching Grey's Anatomy, from the beginning, to make myself feel better again. Wonderful. Pay day at midnight woooo :) When the heck did a statement have to get so personal?
Responsibility is an iron fist. And how do we make it stop?

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