Monday, 20 September 2010

Doo Wops & Hooligans

Hehe! It's a first in the promise of photos for this fairly plain blog. I made these last night, "Late night baking." It's a nice lemon drizzle cake recipe though I must admit that I substituted over half of it because, I didn't have the ingredients stated, in the cupboard. If you want the recipe then just let me know - I can give you the original and my own variation. That'll be one for my recipe book then! I would have taken something slightly more artistic with the photo, but I was falling asleep by the time I'd done all the washing up. Banoffee? I think not but lemoffee yes siree! I also used (for the first time!!), glittery orange sprinkles. One of my favourite birthday presents I received this year. It was definitely a very exciting moment in all my years of baking haha.
Managed to sort out the volunteering at my old school - all it took was a five minute chat, apparently! Now all I have to do is clear everything with college (uhhtohh). Statistics may just have to give, it's literally taken two days for me to forget a week's worth of lessons teachings. I think I have already failed.
My next mission is to find some red lipstick that doesn't make me look ridiculous haha! If Florence Welch or Kate Nash can do it, then so can I!

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