Friday, 25 November 2011

Face to Face on High Places

Rushing so frequently by and by - the people pass and notice nothing. No stopping in a crowd to spot a worried grimace or glittering tear forming in the corner of an eye. But those who only stop for beauty make sure it is not tragic first. They don't realise what they miss out on - though it isn't truly missing when it is choosing. This blank acceptance within society is a pillar block to towering democracy.

Learn to live with a kind girl. Who gets up out of bed, makes the tea and sits quietly with books. She remembers what to take to work and is considerate of what the day may need. Reliable and dependable, once too known as organised. Knowing her way around the house is second nature. Every nook and cranny has something hidden and somehow she knows what is in every single one. In study she could be absorbed, reciting all the minute details of her cases. This girl likes to fill the house with delicious scents and warmth, so it is welcoming should someone stop by. Fill conversation with talk of theories - even the most bizarre and crazy. She'll paint everything with colour, even if it is only available with black and white. Kindness is less expectant than most realise. Sometimes all this girl wants is to go out on the town. Curl up with the cat in the evening and enjoy every minute. It's hard to tell when she's quiet what she feels, without realising her face is grey. Turn a light on too quick and she'll sneeze - promise! She will repair your clothes and wounds without batting an eyelash. This girl wants to know everything about the geography of the world. Love given freely and laughter carelessly frittered away in the air, just like the glitter that seems to fill every room in the house (and cover her face). Guilt follows her. She will sacrifice herself for anything and all, even to give into a darkness she knows is evil. Which she believes can make her so very weak. She finds it hard telling others if she's having a bad day. This girl won't believe things to be firmly true unless you tell her without a flicker of doubt, she can't deny honesty. She prefers to live in another reality. If this girl had it her way she'd wish to have never tasted such bitterness, but more so wish that on all others. This girl would make you believe you knew everything about her, then leave you completely unsure.

She is so very deeply tired.

Those to lift and hold her so, take her to soft surroundings and lay her down gently. Wager that she shouldn't wish to wake from a tragic slumber that left her so whole. She thanks them with her heart always, and will try to tell them when possible.

This girl doesn't want to dissolve in the rain, though it pours and makes it hard for her to make sense of direction.

She wants to face the world again. Maybe.


  1. There's no question that this girl wants to face the world again. She will, because there are those out there who care enough to help her.

  2. I love this post, Mhairi.
    What a beautiful girl, this girl. It would be a shame to keep her hidden from all because of a few. She knows this, I believe. ;)

  3. PS: Please tell this girl I'm always around for her. Unconditionally, no matter how dark things get. Always. xx

  4. You write so beautifully. You are so beautiful, I want to cry. You have stuck by my side through so much; you leave comments that make me wonder if perhaps I am worthy of being okay one day.
    You are beautiful.
    Thank you.
    I love you. You are a best friend.

  5. Mhairi, oh how I have missed reading your writings. It's been to long since i saw the world of the interwebs. As always your words are beautiful, looking forward to reading up on your posts. Hope you are well hun.

  6. This girl sounds very tired and more than a little alone, It sounds like she need to take some time to be selfish and please HERSELF before anyone else. Maybe a half-hour a day, or even a whole day every other week to do what she wants to do, and bugger the rest of the world.

    I would love to take a photo of the badge, but it has the parent company's name on it, and with the stuff I say about my job on the blog I could be fired is people worked out who I. Hmmm, maybe I can photo-edit the name out.

    Love you so much and I hope you're doing well today.


  7. This girl is one of my favourites. We should take a long nap together. <3

    ....light makes me sneeze, too. I got kind of excited about that. ;)


  8. This girl, i hope she knows how beautiful she is.

  9. Haha, the sneezing thing must be more common than I thought! Mum does it, too. And everyone used to make fun of me and call me a vampire because sunlight makes me sneeze the most, thus I must be allergic to it....


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