Monday, 12 December 2011

Stay on My Side Tonight

We've been running so long our feet will just not touch the ground.

Christmas is meant to make you want to spend the time with the people you love and who just so very carefully return that too. Take care, dear darling. Wait till you're ready for the world.

Lights are flashing all around. Beautiful reds, greens and golds. They'll flash silver with the snow. Piano to fill a space in the background that's already been absorbed by magical spices and scents. Warm up by a fire, or even near the oven. Fill your heart with apple cinnamon and carefully wrap your gifts. Place them by a sparkling tree and stand back to admire the grandeur.

But you've known this scene a hundred times over.

In conversation: expectation to wish of all the warm things, but the reality is that I'll surprise you without love.

In writing this where do you go? The truth does not set you free.

"You do what you can, and when you can. No one can fault you for that."

Amid everything there are some things that we can hold on to.
Though spare a moment to consider that sometimes that grip may be loose.
This does not feel quite right.

Sit and endure the silence. With all the colours it can be just want, you need.

At least in all this there is a piano by the snow.

There is gold in your heart.


  1. Whenever you're lonely, just remember that I'll be waiting for you whenever you're ready, with some freshly chilled white and some comfy deck chairs angled just so in the Coastal Otago sunshine.

    Truth can be like gold. Sometimes it is glorious, and sometimes it's like a brick dropped on your foot. Ow.

    Lots of love and hugs to you. You are wonderful and lovely and I'm glad I get to read your words when you care to share them <3

  2. You make me want to hug you. *head nods*

    p.s. I MISS YOU!

  3. God.
    I'm in love with you and your words.
    With the hope you give me.
    With the love you hold in your heart; so broken at times, but still the wholest, truest thing I know.
    I love you dear.
    Keep writing, don't disappear.
    I need you.

  4. Your words are beautiful, as always. <3 I hope you're enjoying your Christmas. I love turning all the lights off to just sit in the dark by the tree when it's all lit up. Reminds me of being little...


  5. Your writing is absolutely beautiful.


Thank you for your words.