Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cease to Begin

Watching a screen that plays on the flat surface in the corner of the room.
Tilt your head and the line becomes horizontal.
The horizon is in no mind but has weight heavily rested on the surface meeting the sea.
Friends they are, but will the strength stand the test of time under stranger's pressures?
The weight waits for no one, but everyone else stands still with anticipation.
Eyes watchful, glowing and searching.

Sometimes it is time to get away, far away.
Staying right where you are.
(Tucked under the covers)
(Hidden in the park)
(Sat in the window bay)
(Walking through falling leaves)
(Sip in the dim glow of emerald lamps with golden lace)
Sometimes you want it alone or together.
Sometimes is only sometimes.

Fireworks were my muse.
Even when the rain poured you could see their flare and colour.
Magic in darkness, illuminations also known as 'revolution'.
Favourite eve.

Wheezy and bedraggled.
Boxes marked for this and that.
Bottles for sleeping.

Hazy nights spent in a fever.
"File this, answer that."
Waterfalls in the night and just needing to be held down.
Silent and silver, sliding so smoothly.
Never understand anything.

And the screen repeats:
(Oh babe, I will always be waiting on you.)
(Oh babe, I will always be waiting on you.)
(Oh babe, I will always be waiting on you.)

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  1. Thank you so much for the comments while I've been useless.

    Love you so so much.


    ^No pun intended.



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