Sunday, 19 December 2010

Searching for a Former Clarity

This time of year the word 'love' seemingly becomes so candid. But is that really the case? It's as if it were a game of throw and catch, but with a precious gem. The game starts off as one of precaution and assiduous attention but as time progresses and the participants become better at catching the precious stones to and through the careful watch diminishes. I pose this point as an anti-hero, most would say this is the 'Season of Love'. I believe it can be, but not through spoken language. Should it be seen by the views from our windows, the excitement glittering and wobbling from the bauble's wink and least we forget the peaceful moments of which quiet finds our minds but forgets our hearts? We are each to our own in how we come to feel this. I hesitate to use the word 'emotion', I use it in its utmost to be an abstract noun. For that is surely the only way to ensure that everyone is included in my theory. My point I realise, has maybe not been displayed simply so I refrain to this; if everyone could turn lead to gold, it would become worthless, that is why it only applies to a special few whom obtain the Master Work.

I must admit that my point has been simplified by the work of Paulo Coelho, though I might wish I had read "The Alchemist" earlier, I think it was a prize to have left it (accidentally) till Christmas time. If you have not read this book definitely put it on your last minute stocking filler list! Personally, I'd also recommend reading something fairly damning before, I read "A Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and it will not disappoint.

I found a bunch of photos on my phone that are themed perfectly for Christmas:

Lots more baking photos to come I presume, I'm going to attempt to make chocolate fudge today, how exciting!
Everyone should listen to Christmas Lights by Coldplay too :)

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