Thursday, 30 December 2010

Band of Joy

Floating on a tidal wave alone. There isn't anyone to catch me. So, when I fall, I'll crash. Prove it?
There's a damn good reason why we were made to feel hurt but my god, a wish we could dim it wouldn't go amiss to the Genie. I'm overly tired and with that appetite. I'm not with the obvious. All I wanted for Christmas was glasses and an Oxfam goat. I can't think I can't, can't. The cat is on the wrong side of the bed. I sound so ungrateful. Christmas tree lights dazzle and confuse me. Why invite me where I'm not going to be wanted. All I can stand to eat if, I have to is tinned fruit. Maybe I should've stayed on that train. Held my breath just that little too long in the cold spat of the shower. Paid more attention to something, I've forgotten what. There's wet on my face. I should definitely unpack! Why are my cheeks damp? Oh, the irony. Right now I don't want a party. They aren't interrogatives, they are declaratives. It's practically hysterical in here. Why the hell didn't I give more of myself up to Science. I've sat staring at your colours for two hours why do you not give me anything I really need? Even that's a step too far. So selfish. Buzz and talk to me, please. I'm beginning to see that this isn't even real. Is it always about the infamous 'love' and the grand 'infidelity' with you people. No, selfish. I guess he'd say that was just about right. Oh poppycock, is that the time? Don't unlock my door. I get it, you don't like leaving me on my own.

Like I said, I'm going to crash when I finally fall.

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