Friday, 24 December 2010

Bang for the Buck

Having managed to avoid the depths of my mind for another day I feel it is time for a post of loveliness :)
Yesterday I gave a few presents around (yay for finally getting it all done and not having to shop last minute in Sainsbury's on Christmas Eve like last year) I must say the best reception I have ever, ever received came from my lovely darling Lauren yesterday. Part of the gift of home cooked goodies and mug galore was a mix cd. How very retro! So I thought it only right to spread (and HIGHLY recommend) the love of this little winter ensemble:

Yeah, as you can see I'm not brilliant at this whole 'put a picture on your blog' thing. Yet! There's plenty of time to learn haha.

My lovely friend Laura held a little Christmas thing at her house yesterday and it was really nice to see everyone together again. It's so difficult to get us all together at the same time! I got there in time to catch the end of Love Actually (the perfect Christmas film!!) which was lovely. From then on it was all chatting, hot drinks and laughter. Ahh :)

As a little cheeky Christmas treat to myself (very naughty of me) I bought a few things from work! £140 worth of items for £38, fantaaaastic!
Items included these lovelies:

Sooo cute (and warm :D). I think the socks look a bit like those nice looking loaves of bread - the seeded ones that are really unhealthy but so popular, yeah? Cannot wait to wear them on a cold day!

I would like to write a lot more but I've got to get some sleep as I'm at work for 7:45am tomorrow morning and I won't be a very good sales assistant if I'm half asleep!

What are the New Years resolutions going to be??

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope it's whatever you're hoping it will be xxx

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