Friday, 22 October 2010

White Ladder

So I'm not using my time to do something super academic and productive (i.e. personal statement), but I am using it to do something sweet, retro and creative. I'm making a mixtape for a very dear friend of mine. I've gone down the sleepy/acoustic and piano piece route. It's putting me to sleep just fitting it all together! I am actually thinking they would make a really cute Christmas present. Mmm, oh delightful. (Also, I am very, very appalled that I am thinking about Christmas presents already, I am aware of this sad fact haha.)

Generally my life consists of college, college work, more college, working at the weekends, more college. We're getting ipads instore at work! I'm skeptical that they 'won't break' but it is quite exciting all the same. Looking forward to the Scarefest at Alton Towers with the girlies, should be full of good memories in the making! Did I mention that one of my close friends interviewed the Prime Minister (Boss) and the Deputy Prime (Tea maker and general PA to said Boss) minister today? How wonderful and insane is that. What a small world.

Oh how darling, I think I'm done!

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