Thursday, 7 October 2010

How We Operate

You're never alone in being alone but you will feel, well, alone. The irony of a crowded planet. The flaw in this "Grand" design. Ha. Good luck in the great scheme of everything. Stare into space, find your own denial, wait - "Clarity". The cathartic attitude.

I think my problem was never tearing the 'bad day' pages out of my diary. Maybe that is one solution to take up. I miss my thermos in the morning. Being hollow is looking like a reality again. I want to see things from someone else's way. Definitely why I stopped drinking months ago. Playing board games will never be the same, statistics taught me how to cheat. Still haven't got that lipstick. Try and see things my way.

"Lovely." Get to know me. "Scary and damaged." When does the coin flip back to the other side of reality?

On second thoughts, this would be me editing the blog having posted this already lalala, I'll wait to see your smile. I really don't know what to feel till then.

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