Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Is This It

I'm going to paint my nails pink and put mental power into making my mouth ulcer better.
It's been 4 days, surely it should have gone by now? Maybe it's a secret plea for me to use up the bonjela at last! It's definitely a cupboard product - you know the ones, you buy them thinking they'll be really useful and then unless your feeling unusually proactive and adventurous OR actually in need of that particular aliment (Speaking for both food and medicine at this point), then it never gets used. Most likely for years on end. Little bit ew?
Completely love that Soph and I somehow both know the same dance you do to those particular tunes - it's a bit of a head wobble and hip jiggle. Definitely not suitable for a nightout but perfectly comical for a night in with the girls! It goes back to a theory that Sophie and Heather came up with a couple of years ago - all girls have inbuilt reactions. We all know when to finish an 'Ooh' or a deafening scream. We are so talented.
I brownie promise that I would give up Christmas presents (Even cards!) for life, if somehow I wake up tomorrow and there's an email telling me my UCAS has all been sorted for me and I don't have to worry about any of it. Also, if I fancy I don't have to go into work. Also, here are some sleeping tablets that genuinely work. OH AND ALSO G'WAN HAVE ANOTHER WEEK OF HALF TERM TO RESTORE A SMILE. Totally having a giggle on this one!
Time to face the music, well actually my hairdresser, on Thursday. Really hoping that I won't get the old lecture of not coming sooner.

After much deliberation (All of 3 months), I want to be that little girl lost in the moment again.

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