Saturday, 10 March 2012

Burst Apart

Open your eyes and see dark. Not 'the' dark. Just an empty void that has no matter. It is endless because, us humans, we will never reach the edge. A creation that we are little players in, take away the word mighty because fear was instilled in our hearts long ago. A shape with an unknown design. The philosophers could go mad over it, and indulge their unquiet, restless minds. How many true types of fool are there?

We spend a lot of time looking at the sky, even wanting to be a bird for the day. Spreading some feathers, which individually are dangerously delicate, then going higher - toward that sun! (A metaphor that is long since worn out). It is so strange that a matter of browns and yellows could be come so distinct and radiant. Where eagles fly in the west.

Out beyond that there is so much more. So much glittering space. Full of things the clever ones try to understand. The darkest night during the longest day. Then a burning intensity. We look for those supernovas as an amazing sight. A star's funeral getting to be such an enlightening experience, for some. Instead that burning brightness just before the end is like one final chance to be remembered. One final thing that they were damn good at. For there are you are looking at a valley of stars. A beautiful picture of something quite unearthly. It is so unusual it is captivating and wonderful. A lot like quite a few of you round here. Gone in a second.

Take away that horrible complex array of feelings. Just for one day. Okay, a few hours. Smile, again.

What a mess! This is not artwork.
"Be good or be gone."


  1. "The darkest night during the longest day." Wow, this really resonated with me. So much wrapped in these few words. No matter how heavy your words I always feel it punctuated with a spark of hope somewhere. I feel so impossibly at home with you.

  2. This is a gorgeous piece. I love the parts about wanting to be a bird and the stars chance to be remembered. Your words are both pleasantly descriptive and insightful. :) :) blessings

  3. 'Smile again.'

    And I really love the second paragraph :)
    Another beautiful writing, my friend. I wish I can write like you.

  4. We are made of exploded star bits.

    No religion could ever make me feel more wonder and delight than discovering that fact.

    Isn't it a beautiful, wonderful, strange and marvellous universe we live in?

    (Should I use the Firefly term "'Verse" because of String Theory and the potential for a multiple universe situation?)

    Love you <3


Thank you for your words.