Sunday, 14 November 2010

Kill Them With Kindness

I like the new bag on it's way to me in the post. Hiyya Aubin & Wills. Shh bank account balance.
I also reaaaally like the idea of not buying all my Christmas presents from Sainsbury's on Christmas eve this year - hence the motivation in some sense to actually start the Christmas shopping early this year. I refuse to be 'cute but a complete ditz', this year. But whom am I buying gifts for? I clearly don't know who considers me to be a real friend now after the little chat I was let in on the other day. Well.
I am not a fan of this "Secret Santa", I don't like the idea of not being able to get something that really means something for the person I want it to be for. There's a lot of vague in my life at the moment, and as you may have noticed - a lot of "something"s.
Absolutely in lurrrve and terrified. The lurrve is of 'Everyone Needs a Fence to Lean on'. WHAT A SONG. The terrified would be me, turning on my phone for the first time all day and getting a text from my singing teacher telling me my singing exam has magically jumped forward by 8 days. Lalalala. This isn't happening. I translated Chaucer all on my own :)
Oh, and at all costs avoid getting your nail trapped in a detagger and then half of it ripping off. At work. The pain is more than it sounds. It's also very embarrassing. I can definitely back that one up.
Maybe I'll make home cooked gifts this year? I just don't have the time!!!!
I think a few cracks have started to close, maybe not the right way but I definitely prefer windows to doors.

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