Friday, 26 November 2010


Started the Christmas shopping, emptied half my bank account in process. Fantastic start if I do say so myself! Pandora's come to town and I'm never going to have money in my account again.

Bus journeys without a good book or music just aren't the same. I wish I hadn't lost my headphones and I honestly hope that my head clears so that reading something new is entirely possible.

I wish my job was integrated in open evenings, there's something I would excel at. It's ridiculous how well this title suits my purpose. You wouldn't believe the news story I read about cuckoos earlier. They've met their match.

I'm a little bit worried about what I've potentially let slip in my little encounter on Thursday. I really don't like waiting rooms. There is a definite sense of dramatic irony, we're either good or bad. We're going to pass with flying colours or there's going to be a new leaflet we must cast our eye o'er. Looks like they're going to be my future though.

Before that though there is an examination to attend. Better know my history or well, it won't end.

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