Thursday, 11 March 2010


Decided today that the best websites are those that make you laugh in whatever way possible. They entertain. Which is possibly why sites such as Wikipedia, though brilliant aren't really much of a chuckle. Even Google has the ability to make us have a good chuckle every so often.
I think one of my favourites would have to be fml. If I was a doctor I'd probably hand it out as a prescription, sometimes all you need is a bit of heart and you're away!
Currently regretting not going to see Passion Pit and Ellie Goulding perform this week, amazing opportunity missed for the most silly of mistakes and reasons. Reliant on the fact that there will always be other opportunities. Ellie Goulding was the one everyone was going to see - despite poor Passion Pit headlining. Been listening to her since early last year now, so I feel pretty proud and all thanks to my friend Laura. It's great when you know people with similar music tastes to you!
I really need to make up for not frequenting the gym yet this week, time just seems to slip through our fingers. The busy life of being a young happening thing today! Oh lordy, truly have been reading too much W H Auden. But to make it all much better the most gorgeous man was at my bus stop today, hello sexy! It's times like that when you think, 'Yes I haven't checked my appearance all day which was therapeutic until now.' Ah well, one dose of McDreamy coming up! All is welllllll !

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