Wednesday, 19 March 2014

In the Silence

I am snapped telephone lines, cut by the storm. Threatened by lightning and the outcome of disobedience.

I am the train pelting through the tunnel at one-hundred-miles-per-hour. No stops for anyone, the passengers learn to wait.

I am darkness in the night sky. Aided by the electronic sky line. Pollution to remind you that the stars are too good for what lurks here.

I am the sound in the wind, longing for you to listen. The silent scream that you convince yourself you 'didn't' hear.

I am the trap that lies in wait. Silent and deadly, tread lightly where you fall. I take prisoners with little mercy. I should tighten as you struggle to be free.

I am the ground that awaits and awakens the flash flood. Waiting for the rains to fall, ready to fulfil my natural purpose. Torrent released by the most innocent act of falling raindrops. I couldn't warn you beforehand, not that I tried.

I am the melting glacier. Falling apart for no apparent reasons, other than the ones staring you in the face. The facade of glitter blinding you to all that is twisted beneath; 'symptoms of soullessness'.

I am the red pen. The one that tells you, you are no good. You've failed. Try harder, though there is no promise of a next time.

I am the shadow that will always follow you. I will stand by whatever happens, bad or good. I have no judgement but also no conscious morality. Watching you will never and always be alone.

I am the nuee ardente. I will glow and shoot up to fine fascination. But I am deadly to all that I touch.

I am lost hope. I am no sun on a dark day.

I am nobody. I am the somebody stranger. The one you feel an unease around as soon as you arrive, but "who's going to believe you?"

I am the voice that keeps you up at night. Storing memories that are better left unsaid, but I load them and point them directly at your head.

I am the burning wreckage atop the mountain, or smashed into a million tiny pieces and sinking deeper, deeper to the bottom of the water. Graves that have no graces. No songs will be sung of honour and remembrance in this place.

I am the trees in the forest, who scare you, but I cannot help it. Misconstrued scarily, beautiful features are what set me apart from the ordinary of my competition. I cure your disease but only so few should bother to look at me twice.

I should choose to do nothing about the nothing that I can do. I cannot lead you astray, nor the right way. Will you forgive me, eternally so?

Waiting, just left here waiting in a silence so cold. Seasons will pass, leaves falling yet I will remain the same. Sat withered underneath. Should you choose to take up your promise and show me to love again, pick them off carefully by hand. One by one, we shall find our way back to before and the now.


  1. Your imagery is as stark and perfect as always. Brrrr this is as scary as the prospect of winter in the Song of Ice and Fire!

    Love you so, so much <3


    YAY COMMENTSTORM! :D You seriously made my day with the flood of comments ^.^

    Yeah, definitely time to schedule a break from pizza. This November trip to the UK can't come soon enough, either. So fucking tired of Dunners right now :/

    I'm a tidy kiwi! The place has to be at least reasonably tidy or it makes my brain go "You're a worthless sack of crap who lives in a pigpen". No matter how many times I remind Miles of this he still doesn't help.


    You could do short stories (Have you read any Katherine Mansfield? I think you'd like her stuff)

    Yes. Blanket fort. Definitely. Writing in blanket fort?

    Love you Mhairi <3

  2. P.S.

    FUCK YES COMMENT FLOODER! I love it. I do that too XD

    Omfg yes writing and GoT marathon PURE AWESOME! I'll be having a general poke around. I'm not a big fan of the touristy thing. I live in a place famous for drunk students and ecotourism :/ I'll give them a nose but I prefer to get lost and find random stuff XD


    I understood the bare basics of with my mate was talking about. I'm an obsessive armchair science nerd. I can get a handle of the theory but the equations make my brain cry.

    Omfg you are the BEST can I keep you? Fuck that sounds weird and creepy SO NOT HOW I INTENDED IT!!1! D: 0.0; D:

    I'll post the chutney recipe after work tomorrow if I have part of a brain left. I'll enter it into habit and make it worth a lot so I actually do it XD

    You are the best and I love you to bits <3 I hope you're having a lovely early-spring up there in the north ^.^


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