Wednesday, 12 October 2011

So Tonight That I Might See

As gently as it came it went.
We lay staring at that ceiling for hours pretending we were both asleep and that the morning would never come.

You were drunk, I was maybe a little too.
Stumbling down the street, holding hands to and fro.
The street lamp outside intruded on the room, so we shut the curtains tight.
Even in the dark we knew the colour of each other's iris.
We could hear a car speed past outside and felt safe under the covers.
Then rain started to fall. It became our background music and we had to whisper a little louder just to be heard.
So cold at first, from the tips of our noses to touching toes.
I could smell your skin, indescribable to anyone from me.
You turned me round and wrapped me in your heat.
Close to your heart. Even closer to you.
We fell together as lips softly became one,
I stopped thinking, I'm pretty sure you did too.
It had been such a crazy time.
You knew this and when you got the chance whispered, "Everything's not lost" in gentle tones.
Over and over.
You covered my hands and together, we were.
Time was counted in breaths and grew heavy in the air.
You could taste the scent of candles filling the room.
In the morning you said 'good morning, love', and not in a secret whisper.
You wanted to wake me up to see you.
Messy bed hair and dozy smiles.
Rolled back to your side of the bed, kissed in dawn's light.
What a wonderful way to wake.

Then we snuck you out the front door.

As gently as it had come it had gone.
And I knew nothing in the world could change how this night had played out.

I'll never want to forget this.


  1. Beautiful, dear. We must treasure the little moments like this. <3

  2. I will always, always, always love everything that you write, my darling! This is beautiful, and real.


  3. This took me away from my own world and pasted my heart back together, and slipped lace over my bleeding soul.
    This, was beautiful.
    'Everything's not lost'; I love that.
    You give me hope.
    I love you.


Thank you for your words.