Thursday, 22 September 2011


red leaves are falling on the ground. on closer inspection i found them to be dragon scales. the chance for adventure existed. furrow into undergrowth and discover black cats ready to pounce. using your red shield you can watch out for enemies. a bottle of phoenix tears for your war wounds. you reached the end of the garden where decadent secrets lay, the jewel of the garden's heart bestowed to your eyes, ears and graces.

i cracked like a twig and told of the inner sanctum. i didn't draw eyes on the cartoon because i heard they were the keyhole to the soul. blank dolly with a puppet smile. there's no stopping a trip to feigned simpatico now.

red scales for shields can't save me there.


  1. I want to save you.
    Let's save each other.

  2. Ah, and our country is overrun with mad, rugby-loving Georgians. Screw the dragonslayers, let the earth be reborn in flame. Flame, the transmuter and purifier of all.

    I will definitely be doing an assload of photos of the crap I make when spinning. I'm planning on going round next week with some nice, safe edibles. (My fucked-up eating loves visiting gluten/lactose intolerant mates *Facepalm*)

    If I can, I'm going to spin some draconic red yarn, or spin some yarn and dye it lovely welsh-dragon red, just for you. Coz I can.

    Love you <3

  3. P.S.

    Lol, I don't care about grammar when I read your posts. They read like poetry, and with poetry any and all grammar "mistakes" are intentional mis-uses to promote the content of the piece.

    Love you <3


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