Monday, 4 July 2011

Aimed For Night

"Late last night you looked me in the eyes and said it might be time to go back."

It's hope, fluttering and a little too fragile to stand in the full glare of the malicious sun, but it is there. A butterfly of so many colours, brilliant in how they collide and blur. You're somewhat heady but that's okay because you seem to know the route to follow. The knowledge is stored deep inside your heart and soul. There's light in the tunnel - filling all the dark spaces so you can see the near ancient brick work, tiny cracks, covered with moss. Time to ponder how much work was put into this structure, you can't help but feel mighty passion. Time to realise how much of life has passed. You may be dressed down and drab but the charm of the light tickles your face and sparkling, you are. The knots that bound your wrist as scars well, they seem to fade, and loosen their long standing hold. You've been given today to be everything. It feels too good to be true but we'll revel in the glory of it. Feel invincible and forget the neverlasting. Hooked by the notion of forever, and those little words.

Getting ready to take a step forward, just one tiny and slow movement. There are exceptional circumstances playing in the favour of happiness. Fortunes of tarot have chance to change. No one really understands what they are. Taking a herbal sip away from calamity. Chaos forced back into Pandora's hands. Serenity lending you her smile. No longer feeling placid but just the right amount of warm. You're floating and for once you do not have to know why or where. I don't want to let you down.

The sun is shining even in the night. The mind is quiet.
"Take my hand, walk me around this mess."

2008, I was getting lost in the way it was. Smile like this again, someday.


  1. Oh, that's gorgeous, Mhairi! I love it! Wicked imagery!

    Oh, gear god, you're adorable! I could eat you up! <3. XXX.

  2. Your writing is hauntingly beautiful.

  3. Beautifully written Mhairi, I always get lost in your words. This was so visual.

    You're impossibly cute my dear, that smile is most becoming on you and should definitely be worn more often.



Thank you for your words.