Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Twice Reflected Sun

I used to have this theory on moments. It cursed their existence and doubted those that took them by the hand. Maybe it was waking up to sunshine eyes or is there a hole in the net that gloomy clouds have cast over me. A change of heart. Living in these dying moments is what makes everything or anything seem that little more sweet. Catching petals from falling blossom. Raindrops on eyelashes. The softness of feathers against your fingertips. I see why people choose to live in their death. Let us be soft and delicate. Carefree and wild. Fragile and concerned. Embracing and ready. A unique design that does not have to encourage us to feel all at once. Participation may find love; beautiful gardens to wander about all day, a dusty book turning out to be the greatest read of your life, inspired photography from years ago taking you into the unfamiliar, warm tea after the coldest day, incredible sound to lose and find every answer in, the feel of the most unruly wind in your hair, poetry speaking to you like no other, rosy cheeks and radiant smiles.

I used to scorn at the wake of light. Sometimes I still do.

Maybe the use of past tense is still relevant for me. Perhaps I am not yet done talking about love. Contrary to what I have led myself to believe. I love the idea, and that's the hardest eventuality to let go of. I'm using love as an excuse, a tactic of denial.

I should have posted this in higher spirits, I failed to.
This is no time to fall apart. Is there anybody else?


  1. I have a fading memory of a secret society
    which I refused to join and was shunned
    I am a happier now and closer to the point where I want to be, but I never really want to get there, so I'm going to watch the sun setting on the water, on its own terms, and perhaps I will be insulted...and perhaps I insult myself enough, but I don't know.

    I like your writing because it's interesting and free feeling :)


    Crying With A Sense Of Human

  2. Yes. Yesyesyesyesyesyes.

    Beauty is at it's most poignant and stunning just before it begins to fade. Ah, transience.

    Thank you so much for the awesome comment! Sorry its taken me so long to get back to you. Might I possibly be able to beg/borrow/steal a copy of the cream-egg-hiding-chicky pattern?

    Hot tamales are a chewy american candy that tastes like cinnamon. I love them! Gah, I ate them so fast I think I burned my mouth. Thankfully they're so expensive I can't afford them very often!

    I love you, Mhairi. I hope you're having a good day <3

  3. yes, there is someone else. i do believe that with my whole heart. xo

  4. falling apart while flying is interesting to think about because of the mixture of feelings.
    even if it is just thinking, being in love can be intoxicating. so too can be unthinking ourselves.
    its not common to to identify consistently with someone, as we change ourselves and are like ghosts but there still is that feeling beyond words.
    is it real? destiny? probability? it seems to come back to the desire for a deep connection of some kind
    i dont know if blogger is working right so if this posts ok it may be getting better :)

  5. There's an adage that says we remember not years but moments, I love this and believe it to be true. Regardless of the darkness that may
    surround and sometimes consume us, there will forever be moments that linger upon us and carry light with them. These moments will be your air.

    Scorn not at the wake of dawn my dear, it's evidence you're alive. And when your heart isn't looking, love will gently tap upon your shoulder and whisper, "I am here".

    You are truly wonderful.


  6. P.S.

    Blogger ate my first comment -.- Retry.

    There WILL be a hat pattern that looks good on you! Lol, that one I made Mum is designed to make everyone look like an easter egg XD

    Procrastination is the only way to get things done XD Speaking of which. . .

    Love you! xoxoxox

  7. Oh, I agree. So, so much.
    "Let us be soft and delicate"

    Yes, let's.

    (Have truly missed your world. Thank you for your comment, dearest.)

  8. "warm tea after the coldest day"~describes mine well.
    This is a very accurate portrait of what is transient and fleeting... I'm glad I found my way to your blog.


Thank you for your words.