Saturday, 2 April 2011


I've been lost in forever. Found to rapture at skies. Everything rhetorical. No strength left to climb these mountains. Teary-eyed.

"Limbs parallel, we stood so long, we fell."

Do I wish I wasn't real?


  1. do you think the first question ever asked, if there could be such a thing was about ...
    origins ...they are hard to conceptualize. so part of me, the smart part says...just keep quiet and eventually youll (meaning me not you) be dead!

  2. I've been lost before. It can be feared or embraced as opportunity, for in being nowhere we have limitless direction. Through this I found myself, that is to say, not as I was but as I was meant to be. The person before you now. The one who says, I'm glad you are real Mhairi. For you bring joy and endless wonder to my life.



Thank you for your words.