Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Until The Colours Run

All this electricity in the air. Finally finding the beautiful energy (no darkness) and taking it home. Opening palms and facing them - asking humbly, politely, hoping for anything offered from life. Not anything more. Not believing in books and words of old but the lessons of which we have grown from and the love that carries us forward.

We are forever.

A swelling of goodness, a way to tell you 'there is always more'. The reality check cleared: 'okay' because you can reach that point of ecstasy again. Over and over.

Different for always.

Messages sent and heart hammerings embraced. Smear the red lipstick, smooth the curls and walk out with eyes smiling. And as we walk away from the scene it gracefully falls to the floor. Shedding the dead skins that meant hiding, covering, falsities. Fresh faced, anew walk with the air and finally feel the rush against uncovered masks. There is always a one, maybe not an only for some, but whoever that maybe I hope you find them. Find your joyus soul, rejocing in ways you will not fully understand but try to feel anyway. Experiencing soul life in body form was always a nonstarter. We must close our eyes to open them.

There is more than just this.

Giving you all and at first hoping it was enough. Worried that it couldn't be. Lost at sea. Seen the boat. Climbed aboard and saw the face of truth that of course it's more than enough. All you can give is an amazing gift. It is enough. Be content. Watch the ocean waves slow and calm their thunder. The sun on the horizon, kind and fading. Back soon, back soon, back soon. 'Start again' on many tomorrows, which is okay too. You are not consumed. You are just vulnerable and trying to leave it that way. Growing yourself, you have become the most beautiful tree I've ever seen. Tall, strong, natural carving, wondrous colour and stimulative scents. Safe, sheltering home. Climb a little higher and see the meadows of all your life before you, roam them another day. Adventure awaits those that would walk its paths.

Promised. Kept. Smiling.


  1. This made me remember all the good parts of my favourite Doctor/Rose fanfics.



    Seriously, your writing is so beautiful it should be illegal. Hell, it probably is illegal in several countries :p

    Love you to bits, sunshine <3

  2. P.S.

    Where HAVE you been? Hopefully you've been being a BAMF whereever you have been being ^.^

    I should try to see if people like my stories enough ot pay for them so I can come up to your end of the world for your autumn. After the cherry blossoms of course. I love them as much as I love big piles of leaves to jump in!

    OMG BE CAREFUL WITH DOCTOR WHO. THE FEELS ARE DEADLY. I just. . . I can't. It has made me cry more than anything else I've watched. Nine, and Jack, and Rose, and Ten and DONNA FUCKING NOBLE. HOW COULD YOU, WRITERS??? WHY DON'T YOU JUST RIP OUT MY HEART AND EAT IT IN FRONT OF ME, THEN?!?! :'( *Wails like a lost baby*

    Of course, you know you want to. Start with Nine and Rose. You really need to start there. I'm going to get a sonic and cosplay a genderbent 9th doctor. Next year I'm going to the UK so WOOT CARDIFF HERE I COME FOR COSPLAY! And jaffa cakes. Mmmmm jaffa cakes!

    Love you Mhairi! I hope monday treats you well :)


Thank you for your words.