Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Million Miles Out

They all assume that this must mean that. Perhaps we're just tricksters afterall.

Wind and shadows. They intwined the air together. Sharing an existence. Swept up fallen leaves and gave them a breath. Lost in a moment of confused time. Not themselves.

One last bow before the curtains close. Little red cape and we're sticking to the track.
Enjoy the show as this all falls apart. Sat in seats, a long time coming. So many reasons for you to stay away. 

Wood protection, the safest place it seems. There's a window to the soul and the frame knows how deceptive the glass can be. The night can explore freely and the girl on the side of the glass could see it all unfold. She'd only need to really look deeper. Into the back of the cave. What was lurking there, what animal was hiding. Deep, down and under the surface. The water is rippled and there's an odd silent sound. Bubbles are trickling about skin and lightly ascending. They say keep looking up but soon the sun's on your skin. A brilliant presence to contend with, you'll lose. The heat is basking and this is your opportunity to close your eyes. Too much light is too much an uneven match for those eyelids. Soon you are burning. Left for dead and fallen asleep. A trance that only the humidity could have caused. Leaves rustle and the ground crunches beneath your feet. It's suddenly so cold and melting in the last of your hand warmth. Snowy innocence. Pure till death do us part, but the books ruined this sentiment. There's always a drop or two of blood, just know where to look for it. Don't forget to not look, that's when you find it. Make a deal or two. Is this so unfamiliar? The girl sees a skeleton face looking back on her. Too much time passed.

All of these places, and no where to breathe. Afraid, no.

I never thought I'd asked much of you.

Statues covered in ivy. They look ancient and impressive. A structure intact, a place to remember. An unusual site. Look a little closer, see the cracks. Guess that it's all about to fall apart, someone will not be around. Forget them.

Trundle down an empty street. With an old feel. Some consider it nostalgic, but the past was left behind and those visions make the journey lonesome. Whisk us away, like those day dreams suggest. Real dreams are never so kind. Stray from your path, the track leading you home.

Meet the wolves and let them devour you. In the woods anything could happen. They're coming.

"But I am gone. I am not there."

There's a pool on the floor and it gleams evil in the moonlight. No one was left to notice the day changing to night. Not when unseeing eyes have fallen to the floor. A bold red has tainted an innocence. Cover it up over time - yet you now know it is there. You keep this secret. Don't harm others. The devil will dance to rejoice this stain, you just signed your contract.

"Little girl, where's your head?"

Get out, get out, while you can.


  1. That last line, I've said that to so many people any they've never listened. Some have cussed me out for it. I gave up on them when they wouldn't listen to reason and continued attempting to acquire an illness. Idiots.

    Love, I don't care what you think of yourself you're amazing and I wish my posts were even half as coherent as yours.

    I hope things aren't quite as shitty as they have been. Hang on to hope and remember that it will be someone else's turn in the barrel soon. Are you ok? Please let me know.

    Love you so much. There are no wolves in the woods here, lets go exploring and find the lost Huia and save them from people who'd claim the right to exterminate them under the treaty.


  2. Your writing haunts me and leaves me in a trance; your words echoing through my mind, day after day.

    I love you Mhairi, I miss you.

    Look after yourself; I couldn't bare to see you sad.

  3. Your writing has always amazed med in such a lovely way. I haven't been on blogger in about a year but i've missed this. If I could just get all of your unread entries printed out in a little book I could sit outside all day catching up.

    You are so talented,I really do wish you the best. I hope that you are well

  4. Mhairi my darling, you said to email you if I need you; I think I do. Leave me a comment with your address? Or email me, .
    I love you, thank you. Thank you so much.
    X bella

  5. My darling its Bella ; I've opened another little blog - if you choose to follow at all; although I don't expect you to - it's more a place I can expose my very own secrets, than anything.

  6. I love you. Where are you now?


Thank you for your words.