Monday, 16 January 2012

Open Door

Do you ever just run, and not stop? Keep going and make the distance very great. Before that, did you tell them you were going? Leaving so abruptly, you hardly could pause for a thought or two. Cause a stir and don't turn your head to see the spin.

Arrest me with your mind and undress me with your eyes. Remind me that it is weakness that brought me here but then beg me for confidence. Let bodies twist and turn, become one in the dusk and two in the morning. The moon doesn't wait for romance, such as the mood won't care for lit candles.

Do you read, see, hear, talk and know things like this but yet sit there and wonder why you haven't gone? There's a reason why. But when you can't place that reason, all that's left to decide is why you haven't gone yet. If I am wired again, this time you won't be there to hold me down and ask me what I'm doing. I'm taking glue with scratched hands and trying to stick the wounds shut tight. Fix up. But hard not to grab a bottle and pour out tears by the unit. So much unnecessary mess!

Crush the kindred spirit, it'll still remain in pieces. The parent child.
There's a black pool calling out for the last of my love, and that is gladly given. Whatever left, not dried up.

Should we chose to read things back with clear vision on the cards, will we like what we see? Silence should take you as a willing prisoner.

"Everything ends."

Write a note, screw it up and throw it out.
Leave unnoticed.


  1. I want to. I need to. But I can't.

    Still, beautifully written. Ah!

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments.

    Those Pusheen Ponies were utterly adorable! I squealed so loudly and bookmarked it. I'm on a mission to make them all into giant felt plushies!

    Although probably not the Derpy Hooves and Twilight ones. Lol, 'Derpusheen' sounds like 'Dhovakiin' Oh lol! Derpakiin, the Derp-Born!

    It seems to me that mess of all kinds in an intrinsic part of life. Like little kids and sticky hands or cats and shed hair. However the mess of the mind can throw out brilliant things from time to time. Just look at all the poetry and paintings of the mad artists! Not much is created to rival the great classics in this modern time of drugs, hospitals and enforced normality. Hmmm.

    I'm going to find that book at the library on my next day off! There is a playlist on my iPod entitled 'Help' for emergencies, and certain lyrics in 'Not Afraid' by Eminem and 'Courage' by Superchick remind me that there are people out here in Blogland who understand how I'm feeling and care about me and indeed we are NOT alone and we somehow manage to help eachother through the day.

    There is a special edit of 'Breathe me' by Sia I'm putting a poi routine to, but there is nowhere to perform it. It may be a Blog-only event, lol.

    Thank you so much for being there and giving beautiful words and new music. You are wonderful and I love you from the bottom of my heart.



Thank you for your words.