Monday, 14 March 2011

Foiled Again?

I looked out and considered all things irrelevant. How do we even begin to consider conclusions?

It's the familiar feeling again. They tell me it is bad to let it in but it won't stop.

"It's like you've been put on mute. People can see you but they just cannot hear you."


  1. It hurts sometimes but I think the only way to deal with these things is to face them head-on. We immerse ourselves in the feeling, let it wash over us and pray that it does not consume us. I've been here many times.

  2. i have been told by various individuals that i can control what i think of, "it is a garden, and you stand at the gates" they say, but this is not like that

  3. i know this.
    too well.

    i agree with helen.

  4. Nowadays I tend to leave work with the beaten feeling. Trying to shovel dry sand with a sieve. Soooo tired.

    I'm glad I could help you, even a little bit.

    I hope you can club these sneaky demons on the head swiftly, this time. It's never as simple as "normals" seem to think.

    In your corner, always and forever.



  5. I agree with Helen. The heart and mind go where they will, all the positive thinkers and optimists in the world will not convince me otherwise. I think and feel many things I shouldn't, but have never felt an ounce of guilt. It's just part of who we are, we have as much control over it as we do the weather.


  6. Sometimes you cant make out the relevant from the irrelevant, the mind from the heart. Beautiful.


  7. Your blog is lovely.

    And on the note of this post.... There are many times we all feel must. That is what I find most wonderful about the blogging world and the amazing writers I have come across online.


Thank you for your words.